Mar 12

Different Types of Bedding

images (10)When someone looks for bedding they usually look only for the bare essentials. That’s why I am here to tell you that there is more to bedding than a mattress, two sheets, and a blanket, there is a whole world of other bedding that can be important not only to the look of your bed set but also how it feels.

The most basic type of the bedding is the mattress; this is something no bedroom can be without. The mattress has come a long way since the days of the water bed that your parents would lay on during there wild college days, now there are mattresses that specialize to everybody’s individual wants and needs. After that should be a feather bed on top of it

The most important thing to watch for is the thread count because if it is too low the fabric can rip and or tear more easily than one with a high thread count. Pillow cases are much the same as sheets and I suggest purchasing them together to save money and time. Comforters are where things get the most complicated because you have to look for the thread count, the fill power and if it is box stitched or not.

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